Earthies Shoes

From Earth, Inc., a company with a more than 40-year reputation in the field of design and manufacture of comfortable shoes that are good for the body – comes an entirely new concept in healthy fashion shoes. Earth, Inc. has designed and its casual line, Earth, upholds its’ wellness virtues through the use of a slight sole incline that re-positions the body more naturally over the frame, and helps to reduce joint stress and improve posture. The Earthies Shoes line is also designed for women who care about their personal health and longevity and – when it comes to footwear – are not willing to compromise their appetite for fashion at the expense of whole-body comfort that´s integral to their healthy outlook and perspective.

Building on its more than 40-year reputation in the design of wellness-oriented footwear, the Spring / Summer 2011 launch of the Earthies brand marked a notable first for the company – venturing into footwear classifications with edgier fashion on higher heel and wedge constructions. Behind every Earthies® style is a proprietary wellness foot bed that features a cupped heel, anatomic arch support, and a cradled toe box. As a complete comfort system, these features help effectively distribute weight more evenly across the foot and body.

Earthies Shoes

Footwear Plus’ 12th Annual “Plus” Awards recognize design excellence across a variety of categories. In the specific area of Women’s Wellness, Earth and Earthies’ product design won out over many reputable and established brands. Earth, Inc’s brands were nominated and then voted on by thousands of footwear retailers across the United States prior to Earth, Inc. ultimately earning top honors.

Coming on the heels of its wildly successful Spring/Summer 2011 launch, Earth, Inc. introduces its much-anticipated Fall/Winter 2011 Earthies collection. The new line expands on the brand’s inaugural assortment of short heels and wedges, and now adds dimension with platforms, pumps, booties and tall-shafted boots.

Earthies® Fall/Winter 2012 enters new territory through the use of silhouettes and material treatments that are undeniable “fashion” looks –many of which are not commonly assigned with traditional comfort attributes. The line features a worldly, sophisticated taste level with whimsical and flirty styling. Bold and chunky heel shapes, luxurious suede detailing, sculpted wedges and fine perforated detailing all come together to define the new assortment. Behind every style is the proprietary Earthies Shoes wellness footbed that features a cupped heel, anatomic arch support and a cradled toe box, that – as a comfort system – help properly position the foot within the shoe to distribute weight more evenly across both the foot and the entirety of the body.

Editorial Director of Footwear Plus magazine, Greg Dutter, comments, “During a recessionary period when many brands played it safe, Earth Brands – and their new Earthies® line – pushed the design envelope, and offered a unique combination of high style and legitimate comfort construction. Clearly, this has resulted in a favorable reaction from retailers nationwide, and the results prove it.”

Footwear Plus’ 13th annual Plus Awards recognize design excellence across a variety of categories. Among the several thousand ballots received from across the footwear industry, Earthies was a write-in winner for the category of “Best New Launch”.


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