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Earthies Shoes

Earthies is a shoes manufacturer that constructs mostly shoes that are used in health treatments. These shoes were developed by a Shoe designer Anna Kalso in 1970s. The shoes used in earth shoes are having thick soles and the heels are thin too, therefor when a woman is wearing these she has to walk with heal-downwards.

Currently Kalso earth shoes are available with their traditional ‘negative heels’ that are developed in a number of designs and ranges.  The concept of the earth shoes is simply to keep the feet in their natural position even while walking. The shoes provide a true body wellness experience and let you have the good feeling that you may need for a healthier lifestyle.

Earthies Shoes

For the sack of quality and product durability, Earthies shoes are always developed with the highest quality standards and materials. The material is chosen precisely for the desired use, and must stand the test of time in durability and performance.

The Earth shoes are now offering shoes in two brand lines as earth and Earthies.

Earthies are the latest shoe line by earth shoes, the shoes are offered in four types of collections as:

a) Wedges-

b) Heels

c) Flats

d) Boots

Earthies shoes have presently launched shoe lines that have consisted with some brand new technology. The Earthies Shoes are now available with an extreme wedge comfort technique that has proved out to be a never before seen innovation in health footwear and are setting new standards in the industry. The currently released flats series provides shoes that are light in the weight and are suitable for any kind of environment.

Earthies shoes are pioneer in the field of health oriented shoes, and have developed a name for them in the industry. The earthies shoes have won many awards in this category for being the only prominent shoe company that has released shoes in such various categories, and the products are durable, comforatable and highly efficient.

Earthies shoes have gained wide recognition because of their health products and are currently widely used as per their markets. The demands for Earthies shoes have recently been increased by a lot in markets as a result of their positive health effects on women and the trendy looks that they are available in.

The earthies shoes can be used in any environment and are available in various designs and trends to suit any requirement as wearing in a party or at home, for all age of women. These earthies shoes are well designed to provide cushioning and health support for those women who wear these all day, or are designed to relieve with a variety of foot pain.

Some designs of the earthies comfort shoes use patented technology and rely on the research done by health speciallists. If one is having or suffering from foot pains, she is advised to use earthies shoes to overcome the pain by natural ways.

Since their inception in 1970s, Earthies shoes are providing health solutions by a simple method of health friendly shoes. These shoes are developed for the cause of treating people with common pain problems by a simple idea of health shoes by earthies.


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